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    Traditional Chinese medicine fertility treatments in Melbourne

    With 26 years of experience in infertility treatment in Melbourne, women’s health and pregnancy management, you can be confident that you’re in good hands with Dr (TCM) Alice Gao. As one of the first traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in Melbourne to offer acupuncture IVF support treatments, Alice Gao has helped hundreds of patients achieve healthy pregnancies.

    Alice Gao has mainly focused on women’s health over the last 20 years, especially traditional Chinese medicine fertility treatments. Dr (TCM) Alice Gao is well-known for being a friendly practice in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and for treating each patient individually by taking into account their lifestyle, environment, and physical characteristics.

    Patients trust Alice because her experience and unique style of practice enable them to feel more comfortable and confident.

    About Alice Gao – Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (CMBA)

    Born in China into a family of well-known traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, Dr (TCM) Alice Gao has a good background and understanding of TCM and acupuncture. She began her education in traditional Chinese medicine in the highly renowned Guang Zhou University of TCM where she also completed her bachelor of medicine degree.

    After receiving proper training in China, Dr (TCM) Alice Gao started practising traditional Chinese medicine in the Guang Zhou University Hospital while lecturing at both the University and the International Acupuncture Training Centre.

    It was in 1991 when Alice had the opportunity to practise in Melbourne and then later set up the locally owned and operated Dr (TCM) Alice Gao clinic in Balwyn in 1998. She was invited to be a guest speaker for the Monash IVF Friends Association in 2004 and has written many articles for their newsletters.

    Dr (TCM) Alice Gao looks forward to assisting many more women with their health and fertility concerns.

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    benefits of traditional Chinese medicine.
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